Thursday, July 7th, 2016

It’s early. The sun hasn’t even come up yet, but the birds seem to think it is time for you to awake from your slumber. Most people would toss and turn, trying to fight for a few more minutes of sleep. Not you. A smile spreads across your face as you open your eyes and leap out of bed. Why? Not because you have the day off of work, not even because it’s Friday. It’s because, you’re a master brewer!

What is a brewmaster? Simply put, a brewmaster makes beer, all day, every day. He or she monitors the golden process from start to finish, and at the end, makes sure it is just right with the first sip. The Brewmaster is one of only a few people that have the privilege of tasting same-day brewed beer. With Castel Tank Beer, you too can get a taste of what it’s like to be a brewmaster.

What makes it different?

Well, the fresher the beer, the better it tastes. And an ice-cold draught of beer brewed the same day is about as fresh as it gets. While normal bottled beer has a shelf life of around 6 months, even an untrained taster would pick up a noticeable difference in flavour between it, and a same-day brewed beer. Castle Tank Fresh is delivered directly to the outlet from the brewery in a few hours.

Most beers are pasteurised. This is when a liquid is heated to a set point, held at that point and then cooled down (a very similar process to pasteurising milk). What this does is ensure that spoilage organisms within the beer are rendered inert and will not sour or spoil the beer over time.

Although this heating process prolongs its shelf life, the taste is also affected. Castle Tank Fresh is not pasteurised. In fact after boiling, the beer is kept cold throughout the brewery processes.

Castle Tank Fresh is sterile filtered. After a normal filtration process, the beer is passed through a series of filters with minute pore sizes. These sterile filters are 1.2 microns, 0.65 microns & 0.45 microns which are small enough to filter out any bacteria that could spoil the beer at a later date.

This sterile filtration combined with direct delivery ensures that Castle Tank Fresh is the freshest tasting beer!

Where can you get it?

Cape Town:

  • Quay 4, Waterfront
  • Ferrymans, Waterfront
  • Forresters Arms, Newlands
  • Long Street café, Cape Town
  • Firemans Arm, Buitengracht
  • Vasco da Gama, Greenpoint
  • Toad on the Road, Muizenberg
  • Bossa Social, Somerset West
  • Speak Easy, Durbanville
  • Slug n Lettuce, River Club

  • Baron Sandton
  • Baron Witkoppen
  • Giles, Craighall Park
  • Beer Co (Flyboys), Germiston
  • Dingo’s (Keg and Kingfisher), Benoni
  • Hogshead Rock Cottage, Weltevreden Park
  • Dros Midrand (from mid July)

  • Machics, Die Wilgers
  • Baracas, Groenkloof
  • The Blue Room, Hatfield (from 24 June)

But don’t just take our word for it, get out there and taste the freshness of Castle Tank Fresh beer!



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