Beef and Beer Stout Pie

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Beef and Beer. Castle Milk Stout pieThe Beer & Blogger Challenge

For some time now we’ve been exploring the incredible taste sensations of well-considered food and beer pairings. Just like a good wine, the flavours and aromas of different beers can also work exceptionally well to complement any dish.

But what about cooking with beer? Beer – as a cooking ingredient – can both enhance and blend different flavours in a dish, or simply add that extra “something” that might be missing.

Deciding which beer to cook with is a tough choice though, which is why South African food bloggers have taken the plunge for you. We sent a six-pack of different beers to some of the country’s top foodies, and challenged them to rustle up something delicious.

And so, without further ado, the first results are in. Fritter and Loaf were sent a case of Castle Milk Stout, and they’ve come back with a hearty, winter-warming Beef n’ Beer Stout Pie  for you to try.

“It’s a low maintenance pie which, as a lazy cook, I really like, ” writes Alex of Fritter and Loaf. With dark and creamy flavours of Milk Stout complimenting the tender beef, this dish is a definite comfort-food favourite for chilly winter weekends at home.

Take a look at the full recipe here.



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