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Friday, January 16th, 2015

SAB_A_Life_Digested‘A Life Digested’ giveaway

Kitchen Cowboy Peter Goffe-Wood has been called a gastronomic guru. You may recognise him from the South African MasterChef show, but he’s also well known for his foodie writing, hosting events and food pairings, and for being a generally excellent chef. He also happens to enjoy a good beer.

We’ve got three recipes from his new book, A Life Digested, for you to try at home, and we’re giving away three copies of it. Simply pick your recipe from the list below and share a photo of your version of the dish, using #ALifeDigested and tagging @MyBeerSA. You have until close of Monday 26th January 2015 to share your pic.


Here are your recipes, and Pete’s suggested beer pairings:


Veal & Bacon Meatloaf with Marinated Cabbage Salad

“Grolsch, with a hint of bitterness and subtle hoppy flavour, is the business with this dish.”








Caramelised Butternut & Goat’s Cheese Rotolo with Crisp Sage, Pine Nuts & Parmesan 

“This is a huge mouthful of some pretty rich flavours… Cut the richness with an ice-cold Peroni.”









“Pilsner Urquell. Beer with salad? Who would have thought…”








Now, to the kitchen! Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Twitter.




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