Beer and food pairing event sold out

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Beer lovers are getting a chance to learn more about how to combine their favourite drink with everyday cooking.

The art of pairing food and beer has been gaining popularity and an upcoming Joburg event on this subject has already sold out!

Jenny Kay and Janice Lupini are two well-known Joburg foodies who will be joining forces with SAB Brewmaster Kate Jones for a unique culinary experience on Saturday 8th February. They will be spending an afternoon at the Angela Day Kitchen teaching attendees the fundamentals of beer and food pairing, as well as how to properly taste and appreciate beer. There will also be a demonstration of tasty beer-based recipes to try at home.

Jenny Kay was also behind a recent article in the Star newspaper sharing recipes for delicious everyday foods made with beer. Included in the article are recipes for

  • marshmallows made with flat beer;
  • chocolate cake made with milk stout;
  • pizza base made with pilsner and
  • chicken kebabs marinated in fruity pale ale.

We’ve shared the article from the paper below and invite you to try these recipes at home. Let us know how your cooking with beer went!





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