Beer Gifts Guide

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

The year is quickly coming to an end. It’s almost time to put your feet up and spend some well-deserved time with friends and family members. Since the holidays are also the season of giving, we’re giving you an awesome beer gift guide.
The gifts below have been carefully picked to put a smile on the face of the receiver; whether they are a zythologist or a ‘beerginner’.

Ales, lagers, pilsners and stouts; craft beers come in all different tastes and variations. This ever-so-popular beer is taking the country by storm and has opened up a whole new world of taste to beer drinkers.

With the sudden boom of craft beers, people are going out of their way to get in on this beer adventure by getting their palettes acquainted with the myriad of tastes.
Why not surprise someone with a trip into the world of craft beer as a gift? To find out more about the different varieties and to place your order, go to

Why not share a day of festive beer exploration in a city near you?
For a list of upcoming beer festivals,
visit or

We all have that one friend who has a proud collection of all the things that have to do with their favourite beer. Why not add to their collection and show that you are a friend indeed? Here are a few branded items from a range of beer brands that will help you get to the top of their friend list.

Colourful and fun Flying Fish
sunglasses UV protection.
Price: R40 each

Castle Lager three-piece braai set with wood
and stainless steel finishes.
Price: R115 per set

Carling Black Label watch.
Price: R150 each.

Castle Milk Stout flat cap.
Price: R 75 each

For this branded merchandise and much more,
contact SAB World of Beer on (011) 836 4900 or visit
Orders close: 15 December 2016.

Know someone who is a beer aficionado? They might walk the walk, but do they talk the talk? Help them be in the know with the ‘Beer Safari’, written by Lucy Corne, the ‘Beer Safari’ is an incredible journey through South African breweries, with incredible insights into the many beers we brew.

But wait there’s more. The Beer Book, a book bound together by Holger Meier with one sole purpose, to help guide beer lovers on a journey around the country through different breweries and beers alike.
This book will take you on a journey you won’t forget anytime soon.

For more info on the book visit
This book has also been adapted to a web-app called Ale Trail, which serves as an online tour guide with regular updates of where people are encouraged to take a great beer adventure through the many different beer scenes and tastes.
To use the web-app visit

We all know good food and good beer go hand-in-hand.
With over 100 recipes for sliders, skewers, mini-desserts and more, you can now have beer as a main ingredient in your cooking. ‘The Craft Beer Bites Cookbooks’, will help your friend cook the tastiest dishes with their favourite beer.
Find it at

You know what they say, ‘education is key’, and never has the phrase been more
relevant than when it comes to the art of crafting beer.
Put your friend through a proper ‘beer schooling’ by sending them to beer school:

Cape town (Beer Lab)
For more information, visit
(vouchers for the beer school can also be purchased online)

Johannesburg (Beer Keg)
Give a lucky person the opportunity to brew their own batch of beer!
Visit the website below for 2017 dates and bookings

Turn your friend into THE ultimate beer guy or girl.
Gift them with some cool equipment from ‘The Beer Pantry’.
From boilers and fermentation buckets to bottle cappers and bottle caps,
you can find it all at (and they deliver).

Celebrate family, friends and beer these holidays and remember to never drink and drive. Have a happy, safe and relaxing holiday season!



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