For the love of foam

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Does it change the taste?

What is a beer foam?

Beer foam is the creamy goodness that gathers on top of your beer once is has been poured into a glass. This could be out of a beer bottle, or out of a tap when pouring a draught.

Why does it form?

The easy answer is because beer is carbonated. What carbonated means is that there are tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide that are formed during the fermentation process, when the yeast in beer is converted into sugar and alcohol.

The different ingredients in beer don’t only affect the taste, they effect the size, shape and the time it takes for the foam to dissipate.

Glasses also have a part to play.

A roughened surface at the base of glass, (called a widget) makes the carbon dioxide bubbles form from deep in the glass rather than on the top. This makes your beer stay carbonated for longer. Next time you drink an ice cold Castle Lite in a Castle Lite draught glass, take a look at where the bubbles are coming from.

Now for the big question, how does the foam affect your beer?

Have you ever blocked your nose while eating food?
The taste is dulled because the smell adds to it. Your beer foam delivers thousands of tiny bubbles filled with the scent of your beer straight to your nose, and this makes it taste better.
Your foam also affects the way the beer feels in your mouth.
It can make it feel creamier or fluffier.



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