Introducing Carver’s Weiss Beer

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


SAB recently launched Carver’s Weiss Beer, a German-style Hefeweizen made with a blend of malted wheat and barley; a recipe by SAB master brewer Gregory Slade. Carver’s Weiss is an easy-drinking, smooth beer for laid back informal meal occasions with friends.


German in origin, Weiss Beer, or Hefeweizen as it is also known, means ‘white beer’. It gets its name quite simply because of its light-yellow or white colour. This colour comes from the pale malted wheat that is used in the brewing process.

Weiss Beer is easily recognisable by its slightly ‘cloudy’ appearance. It gets this because the yeast used is unfiltered and remains in suspension. On the taste side, Carver’s Weiss Beer is low on bitterness and high on fruity and zesty taste, with a pleasant banana note and aroma.


Try Carver’s Weiss for those times you want to kick your feet up and take a load off. Like a sunny Sunday afternoon with a few friends. Carver’s Weiss is crafted to be easy – it’s easy-drinking and the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed Sunday lunch.


It’s important to gently awaken the imported German yeast and Cape aromatic hops which settle at the bottom of the bottle as a sediment, so gently tilt the bottle before you open it. You’ll notice that the back label on the bottle is upside down – this is to encourage the tilting ritual. The imported German yeast and Cape aromatic hops are what gives Carver’s Weiss its laidback, lively taste.




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