What your choice of beer says about you

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Beer Culture in a Sociable World

Beer Personalities

People consciously choose to drink beer for specific reasons. Maybe it’s grounded in taste, or culture, or occasion. In this blog, we’ll explore what influences choice, and the psychology behind choice.

What Influences Your Choice of Beer?

Have you ever wondered why somebody chooses to buy and enjoy a specific type of beer? Is this conscious decision based on the food they wish to pair their favourite beer with, or is it based on taste? Is this decision grounded in culture, or does it stem from their personality type? Is it the beautiful branding on the bottle and that awesome advert you saw on TV? In essence: what influences your choice of beer?

Beer is the natural choice of the moderate and responsible drinker. It is a beverage that has stood the test of time and it is the go-to beverage of sports fans, campers, beach lovers, club-goers and South Africans who simply enjoy having a relaxed braai at home with friends.

120 Years of Creating Beers for a Diverse Nation

Dating back as far as 1895, SAB has developed many different types of beer over the years in an effort to keep up with the evolving South African palate, which has resulted in industry leading innovation and a portfolio to meet all tastes and occasions .

Below we have identified a couple of personality types based on some of our beers. Which beer do you think best describes you?

  • The ChampionCarling Black Label: Carling Black Label has evolved over time to become the beer brand that represents the values of South African men from all walks of life and recognises them as champions for their drive and commitment to achieve great things. These are the everyday champions who take on life and win. These are the champion men who deserve the reward of a beer that’s full-bodied, well-rounded and satisfying. A Champion Beer.
  • The AlchemistFlying Fish: Is it a beer? But why does it taste to deliciously fruity? Just like you, Flying Fish is something completely different. When you enjoy one of Flying Fish’s three delicious flavours (Chilled Green Apple, Pressed Lemon or Crushed Orange), you show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously. You are willing to experiment with different taste sensations and you are open to being surprised. Flying Fish is for the individual with an easy drinking taste, offering something different for consumers looking to share new experiences, flavours and tastes with friends.
  • The Beer Connoisseur – Castle Milk Stout: Castle Milk Stout is the obvious choice of the smooth consumer. This beer is for somebody who has an acquired taste for the full-bodied, rich and all-round delicious things in life. If you enjoy Castle Milk Stout, you probably also enjoy grooming your beard, riding your bike through the Maboneng Precinct or sitting in your lounge thinking deep thoughts. Castle Milk Stout is for the sophisticated hipster, the guy with a vocabulary.
  • The Social Butterfly – Brutal Fruit: Brutal Fruit embodies the gal that is mischievous. You are the life of the party and just that little bit fruity. Made from a fusion of natural fermentation and the flavours of real fruit juice, these real fruit cocktails are available in seven sensational variants, which means you can choose one to match your outfit or your current mood. You and Brutal Fruit know just how to get the party started and and stay refreshed all night long.

What do you think your favourite type of beer says about your personality? Please comment below with your thoughts.



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