Evolving Business Strategy

SAB’s success is founded on a strong and resilient business strategy. This strategy has been delivered in the short term, but has been built for the long term with substantial revenues and margin growth predicted for the future. We have broadened our competitive mindset away from winning “in beer” to winning “with beer” and we’re also working toward building the beer category by attracting more consumers on more occasions.

Part of our success can also be attributed to what we call the five key thrusts, designed in 2009 to help us deliver superior value to South African consumers, retailers and society. They consist of the following:

  1. Stablilise the foundation and strengthen the productivity edge
  2. Engage the competition
  3. Ensure key brands resonate in shaping the portfolio
  4. Shape superior routes to market
  5. Ensure societal leadership

This business strategy has allowed us to become a key player amongst global competition.

Our Guiding Principles

Three guiding principles have helped us shape our business into what it is today.


We know that there is untapped potential in the responsible production, sale and consumption of alcohol if we broaden our competitive mindset.


Trust underlies all of our relationships. Our attention to detail, delivery and accountability has also led to a level of trust with our consumers.


Our passion is evident in our leadership behaviour and in the way we conduct business. In doing so, how we do things is as important as what we do. We know that to succeed, we must be open and able to learn everyday.


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