The spirit of entrepreneurship has been at the heart of SAB since our early beginnings nearly 120 years ago. Charles Glass, attracted by the prospects of the booming mining industry at the time, took the opportunity to trade his golden brew in a little brewery on the dusty streets of Johannesburg. By quenching the thirst of hard working miners and supplying more than 200 pubs that sprang up across the city, SAB was well on its way to becoming a national landmark corporation.

SAB provided some of the men on the gold reef with their first jobs and the opportunity to trade in another kind of gold. Throughout the years, we have grown and evolved regardless of the challenges, and we fully understand what the entrepreneurial journey entails, complete with the pitfalls and the successes that it can yield. We also understand the importance of small business in growing the economy and have for over four decades actively worked to encourage entrepreneurs and supported their development.

Owner Driver Programme

In the 1980s we launched an innovative owner-driver programme, which saw former employees of SAB form their own companies to distribute our product brands across the country. Since inception, over 400 owner-driver businesses have been formed, resulting in the distribution of more than 70% of SAB’s beer volumes.

Customer Business Development Programme (CBD)

Working closely with our taverners for many decades, we have imparted our business skills with them to help grow their enterprises. These taverners provide thousands of jobs and support tens of thousands of people. Via our Customer Business Development Programme (CBD), we are able to educate tavern owners on how to run a sustainable and responsible business, thus positively impacting their businesses and the lives of those in their vicinity.

SAB Kickstart

SAB KickStart is one of the longest running initiatives of it’s kind in South Africa, and was initially developed as a means to alleviate poverty connected to South Africa’s youth. The model is based on creating high impact entrepreneurs who operate sustainable entities and are able to make a significant contribution to job creation in the country. Entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 are offered the opportunity to grow their existing businesses through a comprehensive business development support package, which includes:

  • Business skills training
  • Grant funding
  • A business growth development strategy
  • Mentorship

In 2014, SAB KickStart’s top 17 national finalists created 98 full time and part time jobs. This is an improvement of 34 jobs on 2013’s statistics when the finalist business created a total of 64 jobs.

SAB Foundation

We believe that by empowering South Africans, they in turn can empower others, which results in a better quality of life for everyone. The SAB Foundation was founded in 2009 as a beneficiary of SAB’s broad based black economic empowerment deal, SAB Zenzele, in which it holds 18% shares.

The primary focus of the SAB Foundation is to inspire entrepreneurship as a means to growing the South African economy. This in turn creates jobs and ignites a feeling of inspiration among others to do the same. The foundation’s target beneficiaries are women, South African youth, people living in rural areas and those living with disabilities. Investment is made into businesses that will benefit the target beneficiaries.
The investment programmes are the Tholoana Enterprise Fund and the Social Innovation Awards.

Launched in 2011, the SAB Foundation Social Innovations Awards recognises and also invests in products and services that are “pro-poor” and address the challenges that our target beneficiaries face.

Since inception the Awards have invested R13.2 million in 49 innovations.

We celebrate the pioneering spirit of South Africa and will continue to play our part in building this in years to come.

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