Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the recruitment process like at SAB?

We offer a rigorous, fair and professional selection and interview process. Successful candidates can expect to undergo a competency-based interview process, followed by a psychometric assessment.

Where does SABMiller have operations around the world?

We operate in more than 80 countries across six continents. To find out more about where you can work, go to the Where we operate section to find out where we’re based across the world.

Where do I send my CV?

Go to

Do you accept postal applications?

We only accept online applications and would suggest that this is the best way to send us your CV.

I’ve been invited to participate in psychometric assessment, what can I expect?

SABMiller uses psychometric assessment as part of the selection process for our management and executive placements across the group. We use only assessment batteries that are valid and reliable and ensure that the results are used effectively, not just for selection, but holistically as a valuable source of information for the on-going development of our employees.

The assessments that we use are carefully selected to help us understand your personality, strengths, areas for development, and potential. It is very important to understand that psychometric assessment is only one source of information and not the deciding factor in selection decisions. Psychometrics cannot be passed or failed. There are also no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ assessment results. Psychometric assessment is about understanding people rather than classifying or labelling them.