Lerumo – enriching entrepreneurship

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Female entrepreneurship is growing immensely in South Africa; women are using their passions to create businesses and jobs. There is however still a lot of work to be done – which is where the SAB’s Entrepreneur Development Programme, Lerumo comes in. Designed to develop SMMEs and create sustainable businesses, this initiative adds tangible value to the South African economic and social landscape.

SAB Lerumo is a Supplier Development programme targeted at black woman owned companies who are struggling to break through the barriers and improve their market access capabilities. The programme intends to impart core skills to the women to enable them to improve their market access opportunities and to better manoeuvre a large corporate with a complex procurement structure.

The programme is structured into nine high impact Masterclasses that run over a three month period.

The nine Masterclasses consist of the following modules:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • B2B Selling
  • Human Rights and Labour Standards
  • Supply Chain module 1
  • Supply Chain module 2
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Getting Funding ready
  • Pitch Like a Professional
  • Final Pitch dry run


Meet the Lerumo queens of 2017

known as the “The Iron Lady”, is the owner of Alurcia Aluminium and Glass. The business designs, installs and repairs aluminium windows, sliding doors, garage doors, and gates.

started Eyam Projects in 2011 to provide experiential events management services. Eyam Projects specialises in event activations including roadshows, exhibitions, conferencing to deliver on exciting and innovative customer experiences.

founder and CEO of Emuthini Consulting based in Johannesburg, South Africa and in the UK. Emuthini Consulting specialises in cultivating human growth and development and offers a range of services including leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and team development.

is the founder and Managing Director of Digital Shero, a #ADTECH media and marketing company. Digital Shero is a part of the modern age of digital advertising, providing innovative digital solutions, convenience and service excellence to both small and big brands.

is co-founder and Managing Director of MSI Solutions, a strategic business partner for all recruitment and technology training needs. The primary activity of the company includes permanent and contract staff recruitment and placement throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

is the MD of Mercatique Consulting, a 100% black Woman Owned, Event Management and Marketing firm. Established in 2014, the organisation has a key passion in developing and creating lasting event experiences and delivering innovative and creative ideas to their clients.

has extensive experience in helping organisations deal with large scale transformation and communication efforts. She is the Managing Director of Refreshe Promotions, established to deal with gaps in the marketing and promotional sectors.

founder of Lotjhani Branding which provides services such as brand research, social media, content generation, copywriting, brand strategy, graphic design, web development and design.

is the founder of Clear Path, a company that provides architectural drawings, interior designing, property maintenance, construction and professional project management for all building types from concept planning to completion.

Although more and more women are embracing entrepreneurship, we still have a long way to go. At SAB, we have taken it upon ourselves to take the first step towards fixing some of the gender-equality wrongs faced by women in business.

SAB Lerumo leverages off industry leadership, a diverse network of business coaches and experienced industry partnerships, to equip women so that they’re able to create, take risks and live their passion.



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