SAB KickStart Boost 2016

kickstarter-recovered_03 The SAB KickStart programme was launched in May 1995 and has grown to become one of South Africa’s leading youth entrepreneurship development initiatives. SAB KickStart consists of 2 programmes, SAB KickStart Ignite and SAB KickStart Boost. Each target youth-owned businesses with different areas of focus and at varying stages of operation. This approach and commitment to enterprise development is aimed at supporting the emergence of strong and sustainable businesses able to make a valuable contribution to the country’s economic transformation. SAB KickStart Boost focuses particularly on business expansion and will support and grow youth businesses to create high volumes of jobs in core industries singled out by government as having this potential. kickstarter-recovered_06 Eight finalists were announced at the beginning of the year and were provided with a combination of business support including business skills training, business development support, mentorship and grant capital, as well as low interest seed capital loans. These finalists were:
  1. Silindile Dube, 31, owner of Duo Glass
  2. Pravashen Naidoo, 33, owner of eWaste Africa
  3. Brian Ramufhufhi, 35, owner of Mukhwama Manufacturing
  4. Thuli Radebe, 29, owner of Eyam Projects
  5. Philip Ndamase, 30, owner of Ndamase Investments
  6. Donald Valoyi, 30, owner of Zulzi
  7. Inga Vanqa, 33, owner of Inga Vanqa Quantity Surveyors
  8. Mamorajane Lephoto, 31, owner of LephothoMakwelele Farmeries
kickstarter-recovered_08 On Thursday, 17th November 2016, during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, the amazing eight became the triumphant trio. The top accolade was awarded to Inga Vanqa, 33, owner of quantity surveying company, Inga Vanqa Quantity Surveying and Project Management, based in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. The business offers Construction Project management and Green Building Consulting. Since participating in the SAB KickStart Boost programme, the business has increased capacity and is able to procure more clients and sizable contract work. Management of employees and client relations have been improved and better internal systems have streamlined processes. Inga notes that he has matured as a leader during SAB KickStart Boost and can better communicate and negotiate. He is now more focused than before on the growth of his business and is aware of its financial performance, planning ahead. Inga received a R500 000 grant for further investment into his business. Second place was presented to Pravashen Naidoo, 33, owner of e-Waste Africa, which specialises in the sustainable and environmentally-friendly disposal of lamps and bulbs, based in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal. Pravashen notes that the structure of his business’ sales team and growth model was strongly influenced by the training and mentoring received during his participation in SAB KickStart Boost. A R1-million loan from SAB KickStart Boost enabled the purchase of equipment for the business and to expand its footprint across the province of Gauteng. Pravashen received R400 000 for further investment into his business. Third place awarded to Thuli Radebe, 29, owner of Eyam Projects, offering project management of exhibition stands and shop fittings, based in Roodepoort, Gauteng. Since her participation in SAB KicKStart the business has a new factory where stock is stored and distributed from, a function previously outsourced. The financial security of the business has been improved over the last six months. Thuli received a further R300 000 investment into her business. In addition to the financial investment received in prizes, the top three winners will also benefit from an additional six month business training and mentorship. kickstarter-recovered_10 Congratulations to the winners. We wish you all the best in growing your businesses and creating a sustainable future for yourself and employees. To future SAB KickStart entrants, keep working hard in preparation for next year’s competition and don’t forget to take special notice of entry and closing dates for 2017. We’ll keep you updated with any extra information you may need.
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