Don’t Spoil Summer.

It’s Summer! Time for vac, friends, family and just to let loose.
It’s been a busy year. Whether you’ve been working hard to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of, finishing your studies or just beginning them, for most, 2017 was spent huddling behind computer screens and hunched behind text books.
Now, it’s to relax and celebrate all your hard work!

Relaxation doesn’t mean over-consumption

It’s easy to think that over-consuming will help you relax. In reality, it could do the opposite.
If you were arrested for drinking and driving or made bad decisions after drinking too much, the consequences could be long-lasting, creating more stress and anxiety in 2018.


We recently created a campaign to remind people, of the possible consequences of over-consumption. We did this by showing how a simple bad decision could spoil your Summer and how the simple incorrect decision to over-consume could ruin the rest of your life.

The campaign

We used 4 simple scenarios :





So keep these in mind next time you visit your favourite watering hole this festive season. And if you see these #DontSpoilSummer posts of Facebook, share them to remind your friends and family to drink responsibly this festive season.

Happy holidays

From us here at SAB, we would like to thank you for your on-going support. We wish you all a fun-filled festive season. Remember to always Be Responsible! Travel safe and enjoy the break.

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