Can-Do Creativity


January is International Creativity Month. This year, instead of tossing your leftover packaging in the trash, why not do something creative with it?


At this time of year, people are looking to both save money and start the year off on the right foot. Many of us also have leftover packaging from the festive season in the form of cans and bottles. So rather than tossing it in the trash, why not look at creative ways to upcycle?

Upcycling, or creative reuse, involves transforming waste materials like empty cans and bottles into new products for better environmental value.

Depending on how creatively you choose to reuse the products, it can also present a way to save money. From beginner-level, anyone-can-do-it DIY projects, to full-on works of art, there are ways to showcase your creativity regardless of your personal level of skill – or budget.

To help get you started, here are some creative ideas for turning your leftover holiday packaging into items you can use around the house.


Whether you have cans, bottles or bottle tops, there are a lot of creative projects that aren’t too labour-intensive for both kids and adults.

To make this bottle cap fruit bowl, just paint the selected caps in any colour you choose, glue them together using a bowl as a mould, and voilà. A beautiful handmade bowl for your house, or for you to give to someone special as a gift!

It’s not just cans and bottles that can be upcycled. Bottle caps and pull tabs can also be used to make decorative – and useful – items like this fruit bowl and belt.
[Belt] Ringcat

Whether you’re looking for funky pull-tab jewellery or something a little more functional, we have some ideas to get you going.

From full gladiator-style suits of armour (left) to delicate-looking jewellery (right), bottle caps and can pull tabs can be used to make "wearables" for any occasion.
[Armour] Creative Spotting
[Necklace] KK News


For those with a little more artistic inspiration (and time), there are some projects to inspire you. Some enterprising people have gone all out, making everything from full suits of armour, to life-like mosaics depicting famous people or movie characters.

Have a look at some of the creative ways people have chosen to upcycle their beer packaging and get inspired!

What are you waiting for?

From 3D sculptures like this chain, to incredibly lifelike portraits such as this mosaic of Madiba (both made entirely from bottle caps), the truly gifted among us have discovered some incredible uses for packaging.
[Chain] 1stdibs
[Mandela] Paste Magazine (artist: Molly B. Right)

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