Johannesburg. 27 November 2018. The City of Cape Town has awarded SAB’s Newlands Brewery a 5-star water grading in recognition of the organisation’s integrated water management system and its work to promote water-wise use in the local business sector.

The award was presented to SAB by Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson.

Through best practice and stringent water use target setting, SAB’s Newlands Brewery has managed to reduce its water use from 3.73 hectolitres of water for every one hectolitre of beer produced to 2.8hl of water. 

“Protecting precious water resources is an important sustainability goal for SAB and AB InBev. Over the years, we have always looked to reduce water consumption and usage at our breweries across South Africa and the rest of the globe,” says Bryan Versfeld, Plant Manager at SAB Newlands Brewery.

Newlands Spring is situated on land belonging to SAB and the organisation has water use authorisation from the National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) that allows collection from the Newlands Spring for its commercial purposes, and allows the overflow to be collected by the public.

No municipal water, which is greatest at risk in the City of Cape Town, is used to brew products at SAB Newlands Brewery. Water for brewing is sourced from the Newlands Spring and borehole water, freeing up approximately 1.7-million additional litres of water per month to the City of Cape Town.

Up until recently, the public collection point for Newlands Spring was situated on site at SAB’s Newlands Brewery. SAB managed the collection point ensuring that as many residents of the City of Cape Town enjoyed the benefits of the spring, particularly during one of the worst droughts experienced by the City.  

The collection point was moved by the City of Cape Town to the Newlands Swimming pool opposite SAB Newlands where there is increased access and parking for the public.  

As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to help alleviate the water crisis in the City of Cape Town, SAB agreed with the Western Cape Government to produce and distribute a total of 1-million cases, or 12-million bottles of water, to the hardest hit communities in the city, should Day Zero arrive.

In addition to SAB’s water saving goals, ensuring that the communities in which the organisation operates have access to clean, safe and quality drinking water is equally important. SAB has made several infrastructure investments within water scarce cities, working alongside government and local authorities.

“We have been privileged to have worked with the City of Cape Town on a number of these projects for the benefit of the people of the city,” says Versfeld.  

SAB contributed R6-million to the City of Cape Town to assist with fixing water leaks in the municipal system. This was used to install pressure control devices, which enabled the city to indirectly reduce water loss. 

During World Water Day in March this year, SAB held a water exhibition showcasing and demonstrating water saving products to almost 200 attendees. Nearly 60 SAB Newlands Brewery employees volunteered to queue for members of public collecting water from the nearby spring collection point.

“SAB is an active member of the Newlands and broader Cape Town community and as such we believe that we have an important role to play in its future success as well as maintaining the health and well-being of its people,” says Versfeld. 

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