SAB has always believed that our growth is tied to the growth of the communities within which we operate. We believe that our success and operations should be sustainable and never exist at the expense of any of our stakeholders, our communities or the planet.

Sustainability is neither a side-effort, nor buzzword, nor a corporate governance requirement. It has always been at the core of everything we do. When our business does well, so do the local communities, economies, and environment around us. When they prosper, so do we.

In 2014, the company made a renewed and enhanced commitment to sustainable development with a set of ambitious new targets to achieve by 2020 with a new programme called Prosper.

PROSPER is SABMiller’s global sustainable development framework which takes a targeted approach towards building strong communities and ensuring a prosperous future for all. SAB in South Africa is honing in on those challenges facing the country.

The framework highlights tangible targets to be achieved by the company over the next five years in the areas of responsible alcohol consumption, securing water resources, reducing waste and carbon emissions, supporting small enterprises, including emerging farmers, and the support of responsible and sustainable land use for brewing crops.

The five shared imperatives of Prosper are:

  1. A Clean World in which waste and carbon emissions will be reduced within the business and across the agricultural value chain and distribution network, as well as divert a high proportion of brewery waste from landfill and create new value from waste.
  2. A Productive World in which we will support responsible, sustainable use of land for brewing crops by creating secure, sustainable supply chains and by helping small-scale farmers increase profitability, production and social development.
  3. A Resilient World where we will secure shared water resources for our business and local communities.
  4. A Sociable World in which we endeavour to make beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker through effective communication campaigns; support of responsible retail practices, road safety awareness and enforcement, including drinking and driving; and reduce underage drinking.
  5. A Thriving World in which we will accelerate growth and social development through our value chains.

Our 2020 Targets

  • Responsible consumption – reach 25 000 liquor retailers and provide business and responsible trading training
  • Water security – further reduce water consumption to 2.89 litres of water per litre of beer and work with local communities and partners on shared water risks
  • Small business development – support more than 30 000 small enterprises, including emerging farmers
  • Carbon and waste reduction – 30% total value chain carbon footprint reduction
  • Responsible and sustainable agricultural land use

Global Goals

On the 25th of September 2015, governments around the world officially adopted a set of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, held in New York. There are 17 goals backed by specific targets to be achieved by 2030. The Goals seek to address a wide range of social and environmental challenges.

SABMiller is committed to helping make the Global Goals a reality. Each of our shared imperatives will enable us to contribute to key Global Goals. Find out more about how we’ll do this below:


Whilst philanthropy and community investment continue to play a role, our most powerful contribution to the Global Goals will be made through our core operations and our value chain – through the jobs we create and sustain, the economic growth and investment that we stimulate, the way we steward natural resources, and the high standards of responsible behaviour that we set ourselves right across our business.  We want to grow profitably, so that we can sustain and scale both our direct contributions and the wider impacts that ripple through local economies. Put simply, when our business prospers, so will the communities around us.

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