A Sociable World

Socialble word

Making beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker

We want a sociable world where our beers are developed, marketed, sold, and consumed with high regard for individual and community wellbeing.

Beer brings people together. It plays a part in celebrating memorable moments and is enjoyed in different ways by an amazing diversity of communities all around the world.

However, the harmful consumption of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern – to governments, society and SABMiller.

We will make beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker. Our comprehensive policies help our employees and partners to meet our demanding standards on producing our products to encourage responsible consumption.  Our sound principles are backed by programmes to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

By 2020, our target is to:

  • Aim to reach all of our beer consumers with effective communication campaigns and partnerships to encourage moderate and responsible beer consumption
  • Support responsible retail practices through industry leading levels of retailer training and engagement, targeting 340, 000 small retailers in our value chain worldwide
  • Encourage and support the establishment and enforcement of clear standards for beer retail in the on and off trade
  • Support programmes to increase road safety awareness and enforcement, including drinking and driving, and reduce underage drinking
  • Build sustainable development messages in to brand activations of three brands in each market*

*Where we have a market share of 15% or more.

To read more, go to: Responsible Consumption