The first Ubuntu Awards recognise SABMiller for Global Economic Diplomacy

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

SABMiller received an important award from the South African government this weekend, having been chosen as an Ubuntu Awards 2015 Laureate in the Global Economic Diplomacy category.

The Ubuntu Awards were launched this year by the South African government to recognise SA industry leaders for their contribution to promoting South Africa’s national interests and values across the world.

The Global Economic Diplomacy Award was awarded to SABMiller. The company was applauded for their role in driving SA’s reputation as a positive business and investment environment.

Importantly SABMiller was also recognised for their role in helping to realise the country’s socio-economic goals of, among others, creating jobs and attracting investment.

The award is an important endorsement of the outreach work that people across the business are doing, particularly in Africa and South Africa.

From humble beginnings to global leader

SABMiller grew from humble beginnings in South Africa 120 years ago to become the second largest brewer in the world, producing some of the world’s most iconic brands. In the process, our company has been an important reputation driver for South Africa, and we will continue to be a national champion for our homeland.

The work done by SABMiller on the global stage is complemented by our efforts at the local level, being tightly integrated into the communities where we live and work.

In the broader Africa market, SABMiller has had significant success with relationship development initiatives, backed up by programmes that benefit communities and create economic opportunities, such as our Go Farming and water projects amongst others. It is important that we continue to enhance this critical work.

In South Africa, a lot of hard work has gone into initiatives that create real impact. Programmes that come to mind include:

These are all part of SABMiller’s Prosper approach to sustainable development. Prosper is a key element of the company’s business strategy, with ambitious targets set for 2020.

The Ubuntu Awards ceremony was hosted by South African President Jacob Zuma, and was attended by a Captains of Industry, leaders of labour and civil society and Cabinet members. It was held in Cape Town on Saturday evening. Monwabisi Fandeso, Corporate Affairs Director of SAB, was there to receive the award from International Relations and Cooperation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane on behalf of SABMiller.

For more on our community initiatives keep reading SAB Stories!




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