Working Towards Zero Waste Operations

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


Consumption is at the heart of human existence. On a daily basis, we consume large quantities of food, drinks, household products, paper and other office consumables, clothing, petrol, water and a number of other things. Generally we produce waste during consumption; the take-away packet after the burger, the bottle that housed the water, the pollution that filtered into the air after driving somewhere. SAB waste management is working towards minimising waste in all areas along the supply chain.

We’re making every attempt to reduce our impact on the planet by making responsible decisions. We have financial incentives attached to our waste reduction actions, but we’re more interested in doing our part for the planet. We actively follow the principles of:

  • Reducing
  • Reusing
  • Recycling

Our two major sources of waste come from the brewing process and product packaging. On closer inspection, we realised that most of this can be reused or recycled. To give a few examples of how we’re reusing our waste:

  • Spent yeast can be used by health food manufacturers
  • Farmers can reuse the spent grain for animal feed
  • One of our filtration mediums is reused again in cement or compost
  • Certain types of organic waste are used for pet food
  • Waste water is used again to generate energy and produce fertiliser
  • Broken bottles are recycled and used to make new ones

What is your waste management plan for the future?



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