5 Chilled Out Activities To Do With Your Mentee!

Thursday, February 25th, 2016


Keeping your mentor enthralled and entertained can be a difficult sometimes. At some point doing things that interest the both of you can get boring and repetitive – after all, how many times can you go to the movies, really?

We have compiled a few activities that will not only keep your mentor entertained, but will also provide a different perspective of the way they view themselves and the life that they lead.

The Word ‘n Sound Poetry League

Poetry sessions were rife in the streets of Jo’burg, Cape Town and Durban a few years ago. The art form has seen a decline over the years as a result of the emergence of South African hip-hop. However, the good people at Word ‘n Sound refuse to “go gentle into that good night”.

The Word ‘n Sound poetry league is a mixture of writing and performance workshops for poets at any skill or level. It takes place throughout the year, with winners being announced at the end of the league. Your mentee will love this for sure — the open mic sessions allow patrons to share their poems with the collective.

Check out some cool upcoming events, and read more about the League here:  https://wordnsoundlivelit.wordpress.com/

Art Galleries

This is one pastime that is often overlooked — mainly because it is seen as something that is reserved for the rich and famous, or is for “old people”. But this is far from true, and the cool part? Most art galleries allow you to enter for free! You and your mentee can wander the halls and corridors while appreciating various works of art by local and international artists. The Circa Art Gallery, which is located in Rosebank just off Jan Smuts, is the hub for visual art. Circa often displays a mixture of sculpted artworks and paintings that makes use of varying textiles. Check out their website (details below) to see what is currently on show.

You may be wondering why we have suggested you visit an art gallery. Well, have you seen that test where they show you in image and ask you what you see? Based on what you describe, the psychologist can discern your mental state. It is the same thing with art. It can be perceived and interpreted in many different ways. You will be able to tell what state your mentee is in based on how they react to certain works of art. This makes for a perfect bonding time.

Some other cool galleries that you can visit:

  1. Standard Bank Art Gallery, Cape Town: http://www.circagallery.co.za/?m=1
  2. Etchings Art Gallery, Durban: http://www.etchingsart.com/

Hit the thrift scene

Thrifting has become a massive part of urban culture. For R200 you could pick a number of unique and trendy items that will fit and match with any existing outfit. The secret to thrifting is in negotiating lower prices (or bargain for more goods) in the process. This also makes it more rewarding (and challenging!). In the process, your mentee will learn a thing or two about vintage fashion and invaluable lessons about the powers of negotiation.

Culinary courses

Cooking has become a beloved past time for many people all over the world. Parents, couples, and friends take the courses together largely because, aside from being tasty, they are a great bonding mechanism. Everybody loves a cook and your mentee’s ability to achieve something will boost their confidence and have them boasting about their newfound skills.

Go see an Indie flick

The South African film industry is booming with various local movies being nominated for awards and screenings all over globe – the movie that has been on everyone’s list of late is Ernets Nkosi’s Thina Sobabili. These days most people can shoot a movie on their mobile phone or with a relatively inexpensive hand-held camera. The possibilities are endless! Indie cinemas are popping up all over the country — so go see a movie in French, or a movie made by Eskimo’s travelling to America. There really is no telling what you can expect!

If you are feeling particularly creative, why not take a shot with filming your own?

Our favourite spots to munch popcorn and watch a good movie are:

  1. The Bioskope, in Maboneng: http://www.thebioscope.co.za/
  2. Cinema Nouveau: Ster Kinekor has placed these cinema across the country in selected malls—they are packed with the kind of movies that will make you cry, laugh and make you wonder “how did they think of that!?”

So there you have it. Five chilled activities that you can enjoy in any city and any time with your mentee. It is important that you build a strong bond with your mentee as it makes it easier for you to trust and depend on one another.

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