5 Interesting things you didn’t know about the Be The Mentor movement

Friday, April 8th, 2016


The #BeTheMentor movement is fortunate to have some incredible individuals involved in taking a stand against underage drinking. Some mentors are loud and vocal about their mentorship while others go about their business quietly. Collectively they all enjoy celebrating and sharing their victories.

These five findings below will give the reader an inside look at the goings-on in the minds of our mentors and what drives them to be part of the movement.

  1. The vast majority of our mentors took on a single mentee with around a quarter of our mentors taking on more than one mentee.
  2. Most of our mentors are communicating with their mentees on a weekly and monthly basis, with only a few managing to communicate with them daily. They find that communicating face to face is the best way to resolve crucial issues. Social media is the second most utilised communication platform between mentors and mentees.
  3. 100% of our mentors went on to encourage their peers to take on mentorship roles because of the positive energy they receive from being part of the #BeTheMentor movement.
  4. Since engaging in the programme many mentors have begun viewing themselves in a very different way, with many mentors doing a lot of introspection and learning things about themselves that they didn’t know.
  5. At the beginning of the movement over 66% of our mentors confirmed that their mentees were already consuming alcohol. Our mentors have now been able to halve that number down to 33%. That is an astonishing achievement! Though we may never truly achieve 100%, we have gone a long way in changing the perception and providing a remedial platform for underage drinking.

As we now draw to the close of the first phase of the #BeTheMentor movement we are busy planning the next phase of this journey and gradually ticking off the goals that we set out to achieve. We couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you.

If you haven’t yet joined up, it’s not too late to #BeTheMentor you wish you had. Go to our website to take the pledge and download the mentor pack to get you started on your journey.



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