5 Mentors You Should Be Following Right Now

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016


Our mentors have started their journey, with one goal—to be the mentor they wish they had. All our mentors are passionate human beings who are driven and motivated to make a difference. The five that featured here exude the characteristics of what it means to #BeTheMentor. Without further ado, here they are…

Byron Jones
Byron is what you get when you amalgamate the savvy of a civil engineer with a BMX rider—a cool, calm and collected guy who lives on the edge, one calculation and measurement at a time. Byron believes that by sharing knowledge with your mentee, you will learn a few lessons yourself.

Sivewe Ngani
Sivewe is a part-time student who dedicates his time to help people around him to develop their skills in a sustainable manner. Sivewe is wise beyond his years and is most certainly going places!

Field of Vision – Peace In The Valley from Field Of Vision on Vimeo.

Melissa Griesel
A fun loving individual, Melissa is a Social Media Marketer and Strategist who has a passion for skateboarding. Melissa believes that mentorship is not about dictating, but rather about building and strengthening a solid relationship with your mentee.

Dineo Sepiti
Dineo is the co-founder and creative director of Indigenous Dance Academy. Her vast experience in dealing with and nurturing talent in young people makes her the perfect candidate for the #BeTheMentor movement. “How you overcome hardships is what is important” is Dineo’s school of thought.

Zintle Shabala
One of our youngest mentors, Zintle, has achieved a lot for her age. Already an advisor at a reputable firm, Zintle is keen to mentor someone that she can relate to because she feels that the process will be more effective.

Those are just some of the mentors who have taken the pledge and strive to make a difference in the lives of the young people in their community. The movement is alive and the conversation has started. Visit our page to take the pledge to be the mentor you wish you had: http://bit.ly/1PFEeM7



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