Giving your Mentee the best Feedback

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Here are four easy ways to give your mentee effective feedback. Giving feeding back is an integral part of your mentees growth, it is definitely something that you need to invest in.

Feedback is a recipe for growth, here are four easy ways to give feedback that is concise and accurate.

One of the things that people always forget to do when striving to achieve something is to take time out for a little introspection and feedback. Taking a moment to reflect on the things you have done or what you have achieved is an imperative part of growth.

Here are some helpful tips on how to give healthy feedback.



Be honest and respectful: It is very hard to receive negative feedback, especially from someone you are just getting to know or that you revere. When giving feedback it is important to remain respectful, kind and most of all honest, when sharing thoughts about your mentee.



Make observations, not evaluations: People will most often than not relate to feedback that is based on situations that highlight their behavior. So when giving feedback try to choose scenarios that highlight where your mentor could have made better decisions. This will allow you to give feedback that is tangible and relatable.



Put yourself in their shoes: Be empathetic towards your mentee. A lot of mentors tend to go about their mentorship in a been there done that fashion. Yes, you have been there and you have done that, that is why you are most equipped to offer your mentee the best advice. The job of a mentor is to try and ensure that their mentee does not make the same mistakes but when these mistakes do happen it is not our place to judge. This is where we educate and teach.



Choose the moments to give feedback wisely: Feedback is meant to inspire and promote growth, it needs to happen in an environment that will not embarrass your mentee and where you won’t be disturbed. Doing this will help your mentee to feel secure and respected because you have made the effort to ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible.

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