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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016


We have come to the end of the first phase of what has been an illustrious journey. The #BeTheMentor movement has helped change and shape a lot of people’s lives. We have learnt a lot from our mentees and our mentors.

Here are some of the best quotes that were shared by our mentors:

  • “Never be too tired to help out where you can. Respect others and they’ll respect you.
    One more thing, never use your leadership skills to do wrong because people will lose respect and you won’t have anyone to lead.” – Zipho Stony Sibanyonie
  • “Not everything that counts, can be counted and not everything that is counted counts”.
    – Albert Einstein – shared by Nqubeko Yazeed Kubheka
  • “Don’t be scared to have nothing, don’t be scared to be broke, don’t be scared to lose everything. Pursue your dreams with everything #BeTheMenthor.” – Tornado Dumisani Ndala
  • “Live a balanced life, don’t work too hard, don’t party too hard. Stress less, be more present. If you can walk away from something that causes too much stress on a regular basis do so or make plans to be able to. Love more and express that love more”. – Jont Aim Infinity Schoeman
  • “I’m the mentor I wish I had. I regret not having a better, dedicated, passionate and caring coach. But not anymore, because I’m that coach I wish I had to the young blessed and gifted players of my community. Implanting positivity through football. CHOSEN STARS THEY ARE AND WITH YOUR SUPPORT WE SHINE!” – Tshepo Tshepo
  • “Power… Let’s teach, educate one another and empower each other by all possible means.” – Thamsanqa Joyisa

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages as we begin a new chapter with amazing faces and incredible individuals who continue the fight against underage drinking #BeTheMentor.



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