Rising Star: SAB 18+ Be the Mentor TV ad actor, Blessing Ndlovhu:

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Blessing’s superlative performance in the 18+ Be The Mentor TV advert has shot him straight to stardom in his community, and this is just the beginning.

Blessing Ndlovhu

In our 18+ “Be the Mentor” TV commercial, Blessing Ndlovhu plays a troubled youth who becomes the mentor he never had. As a young, vibrant talent, Blessing perfectly captures the essence of the person that the Be The Mentor movement needs to spread its message.

This Kagiso-based student has always had a passion for acting. Today, this passion is used to mentor and help the youth in his community. Taking it to the next level and inspiring creativity, Blessing also uses his acting experience to teach people in the community to write scripts and short stories.

Blessing says that alcohol in Kagiso is a problem: “Taverns allow underage drinking and I want to use my mentorship, which forms part of this campaign, to help put an end this problem.

I don’t just want people to see me acting drunk on the advert. I want them to understand that there is a story and a purpose behind this campaign.”

While it may come as a surprise, the making of this advert was Blessing’s first time on set. His performance in the advert is driven by the desire to succeed as an international actor someday.

When asked about the importance of this campaign, Blessing says that teenagers should commit themselves to hanging out and spending time with good people. “Teenagers should be active in their communities and contribute to the development of those around them.”

To view Blessing’s performance in the 18+ Be the Mentor TV ad, click here.



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