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Sunday, June 19th, 2016

5 Tips on how to become an even better mentor

When you are younger, the future seems so far away, so you focus on the now. But as you get older you realise that it isn’t all about the now. Where you are today, isn’t because of what you did yesterday, it’s because of the decisions you made a long time ago.

As a mentor, you have the power to truly change the lives of your mentees. Your guidance in helping them make the right decisions, can give them a better tomorrow, so get them started today.

It all starts with a goal and a plan on how to get there.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Begin with the end in mind

It might sound strange, but when helping your mentees set their goals, the best place to start is at the end. Ask them where they want to be in 10, 15 or 20 years from today. Once they have an end goal or set of goals, you can help them set smaller goals along the way.

Ask them to write these goals down and put them in a place where they will see them often. This list should serve as a constant reminder of where they want to be one day.

Be realistic

Now that you have helped your mentees set their goals, think about what resources they will need to conquer their challenges. While it is good for them to aim for the stars, it is important to keep their feet on the ground.

Achieving realistic goals will help keep them motivated. The more they achieve, the more they will want to carry on going. Big goals are possible, but the right planning, preparation and often patience is needed to achieve them.

Stay Motivated

The only way that your mentees’ goals will be achieved, is if they continually work on them. It is up to you to keep them motivated and help them to stay on track, setting weekly goals—small wins will encourage persistence. One way you can do this is to remind them of the long term effects of their decisions. Try help them understand that what they do now will impact their future.

Tip: Building a strong relationship with your mentee will help you help them. They will be more inclined to take your advice and open up to you if they feel they can trust you. Think about activities you can do together that will build that bond. Check out our blog on the five activities that you could do with your mentee here:

Set deadlines

Clear timelines that are set with manageable expectations create an environment for success. Encourage your mentees to review and update their goals list on a daily basis and to reflect on their priorities and experiences. A vision board will assist your mentee keep a visual record of their goals. Another helpful technique you might use is to set weekly tasks for your mentee to help them take those “baby steps” towards their goals.

Tip: Reward your mentees for what they have achieved. Make a big deal in celebrating how far they have come. This can go a long way in keeping them motivated.

Being the best “you”, can help them be their best

The best way to lead is by example. So before you set your mentees on the path to success, you should have your own goals you want to achieve. You can use the same steps above to help you become the person you want to be; which, in-turn, will help your mentees.

Together, anything you and your mentees set out to achieve is possible!




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