The Movement Is Yours

Friday, March 18th, 2016

You’re a mentor! Now what?

You have watched our TV ad, visited our site and signed up to Be The Mentor and downloaded the Mentor Pack. So what now? Will a mentee be delivered to your doorstep overnight and mountains of praise fall from the sky? Not exactly, but the journey is a good one and well worth traveling.

The thing to remember is that a movement isn’t a movement if we don’t get up and, well, move. Being a mentor is a responsibility you take on yourself. No one can make the decision for you, and we commend you for doing the responsible thing with us.

Now you need to identify a young person in your community, someone who you think could benefit from mentorship. This could be a cousin, a neighbor or a kid you see regularly in your complex. Once you have a mentee, the journey that you will embark on together is mapped by the choices you make “together”—starting to get the picture? You are not meant to embark on this journey alone. There are no hard and fast rules on how you manage this relationship but there is a guideline you can download from our website. The idea is to impart knowledge and wisdom to someone who has yet to attain these vital life skills.

It is imperative to understand that the Be The Mentor movement is a catalyst for change, it is that one spark that aims to ignite a fire that will burn in the hearts of every-day South Africans. We as The Mentors have taken a stand and we need you to stand with us. Without your contributions to our movement, we won’t be able to achieve our goal of wiping out underage drinking.

So if you are one of those who are unsure about what happens next, think about the feeling that overcame you when you decided to click on that big red button and chose take the pledge. That desire to stop something that you know in your core is wrong. This must be your drive.

Stop wondering. This story won’t write itself.



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