What it means to PROSPER

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Activating SAB’s Pillars to make a difference in the lives of others

As SAB’s global sustainable development framework, PROSPER looks to uplift the nation by building strong South African communities and ensuring a prosperous future for all in 2016 and beyond.


Beyond its dictionary definition of “strong, succeeding and flourishing”, PROSPER is a narrative that is lived by everyone at SAB.

Over the next five years, we have committed to a future filled with growth and development not only for our business, but also for our communities. In recognising that our business’s success is linked to that of the communities around us, SAB leads the way as corporate citizen.

While beer is enjoyed by millions the world over as the natural and responsible choice of the moderate drinker, SAB always looks to address concerns at the heart of the consumption of alcohol. By working with our partners, government and NGOs, we tackle issues in our communities head-on and pursue a holistic approach to sustainable development. These issues include:

  • Responsible alcohol consumption
  • Securing water resources
  • Reducing waste and carbon emissions
  • Supporting small enterprises (such as local farmers)
  • Support of responsible and sustainable land use for brewing crops

Meet our five shared imperatives of PROSPER:

  1. A Sociable World – Responsible consumption is key and at SAB we endeavor to make beer the natural choice of the moderate and responsible drinker through effective communication campaigns, responsible retail practices (and the training of 25 000 + liquor retailers), initiatives to reduce underage drinking, Foetal Alcohol Syndrom and drinking and driving.
  2. A Resilient World – Recognising that water is a crucial resource, we uplift communities through various CSR initiatives that provide safe drinking water to communities. Through our involvement with the Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN), we also work together to secure water for years to come.
  3. A Clean World – Through constant innovation, SAB reduces its waste and carbon emissions to ensure a clean world for all. What’s more, we have committed to reducing our total supply chain carbon footprint by 30% by the year 2020.
  4. A Thriving World – Today, SAB supports more than 30 000 small businesses thanks to our flagship youth development programme, “KickStart” and our Customer Business Development Programme (CBD), as well as programmes such as the “Owner Driver Scheme” and through the support of emerging farmers in the agricultural sector. We also actively support the craft beer movement and SAB is proud to say that we were the first major sponsor behind the various festivals that took craft beer mainstream.
  5. A Productive World – SAB supports the responsible and sustainable use of our land for brewing quality crops. By implementing initiatives such as “Go Farming” we support small and emerging farmers. Together with our partners, we continue to drive sustainable farming practices through programmes like “Better Barley Better Beer”.

SAB’s commitment does not only encompass producing fresh, cold and quality beers, but we are invested and committed to the growth and development of our communities.

Here’s wishing you a PROSPEROUS 2016!



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