Smart Drinking
Creating A Smart & Responsible Drinking Culture

Smart Drinking

Beer has been part of South Africa's rich history for thousands of years, and we believe that every experience with beer should be a positive one. Our dream is to continue bringing people together for a better South Africa and know that this can only be achieved through thriving communities, that is why we ensure that all our business practices are underpinned by our nine smart drinking beliefs.

"Our targeted efforts to curb the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol within communities are embedded in our everyday work as a company. We take a multi-stakeholder approach to fighting the challenges our country is faced within this space. This includes working alongside our industry partners, law enforcement, government, non-governmental organisations and broader society." - Zoleka Lisa | SAB VP Corporate Affairs


We believe that harmful use of alcohol is bad for our consumers, our colleagues, our families, our communities, and our business. And that means, we take seriously our responsibility to help reduce and prevent the harmful use of alcohol across South Africa.

We believe in and share the World Health Organization and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ ambition to reduce the harmful use of alcohol by 10% by 2025. And that means, we have set ambitious Smart Drinking Goals for ourselves and are investing heavily to measurably shift social norms and behaviours around harmful use of alcohol.

We believe in evidence-based solutions and that independent measurement and evaluation are key to progress. And that means, SAB is promoting evidence-based approaches through the public health experts and independent evaluators we are working with, who will have full autonomy as they publish their results in reputable journals.

We believe that providing consumers with high quality No- and Low-Alcohol beers (NABLAB) can play an important role in reducing harmful use of alcohol. And that means, we are developing a NABLAB marketing strategy that will give consumers choices and support better patterns of alcohol consumption.

We believe when you drive you should never drink. And that means, we fully support all targeted legislation and enforcement measures that have been shown to reduce impaired driving, including strict mandatory BAC limits set by government.

We believe in helping consumers understand why and how alcohol should be consumed within limits. And that means, we are working with partners to develop and implement evidence-based means of increasing alcohol literacy among consumers.

We believe the way we market our products matters and must be responsible. And that means, we work hard to ensure our marketing does not target underage consumers, reflects good taste and decency, and does not idealize harmful use of alcohol or behaviours.

We believe that our products are not to be consumed by under-aged drinkers. And that means, we promote, support and implement programs, public policies and campaigns to prevent, discourage, and reduce underage drinking.

We believe there is more work to do and that we don’t have all the answers. And that means, we collaborate with public health experts, governments and other partners who are willing to work with us and listen to those with ideas for how we can accelerate or improve our progress.


Each South African has a role to play in reducing the harmful use of alcohol. Through knowing how to pace and when to stop we can ensure that every experience with beer is positive. Cheers to making #SmartDrinking choices every day!

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