FACE OF CHANGE 001Nikki Else
I’m committed to helping emerging farmers through local sourcing, increasing yield while reducing inputs and varieties, as well as introducing new tech for farmers to use in the best possible way.
FACE OF CHANGE 002Sashnee Nair
I give tavern owners the business and social tools to run a sustainable establishment while enhancing their customer experience through best practice.
FACE OF CHANGE 003Cynthia Funde
I help to improve communities by ensuring that products and services are ethically sourced, and fair trade and minimum wages are implemented accordingly.
FACE OF CHANGE 004Tshepo Tloubatla
I am here for the passion of brewing the best beer while working towards building a better country through a shared-growth business.
FACE OF CHANGE 005Bianca Dewal
I'm committed to learning and developing growth in sustainable programmes that contribute to the renewable energy market in Africa.
FACE OF CHANGE 006Tremely Ncube
My work varies from ensuring the reduction of water consumption during the malting process to empowering our suppliers in various sectors with financial and other skills, in order to help improve their businesses and drive value and growth.
FACE OF CHANGE 007Gordon Henry
I contribute to our 2025 sustainability goals by implementing internship programmes that encourage students to enter the marketing space and obtain sufficient experience for future roles in the industry.
FACE OF CHANGE 008Monica Diesel
I contribute to our 2025 sustainability goals by helping to find suitable waste management suppliers for various sites.
FACE OF CHANGE 009Sifiso Ngobese
I'm committed to creating and growing jobs for the South African youth and women operating in the waste sector.
FACE OF CHANGE 010Zoleka Lisa
I'm responsible for driving continuous improvement, innovation, sustainability, and transformation in the Africa Zone.
FACE OF CHANGE 012Phumzile Chifunyise
I'm driven to change the game of entrepreneurship in Africa by making it relevant and value-adding. I contribute by helping to grow small, youth-owned businesses and bring them to the forefront with the help of AB InBev.
FACE OF CHANGE 013Nombulelo Skota
I'm pursuing my passion to develop social entrepreneurship and job creation within different sustainability sectors.
FACE OF CHANGE 014Beverley Parkinson
I ensure that selected suppliers are aligned to our long-term sustainability goals at AB InBev. Growing a culture of sustainability across borders.
FACE OF CHANGE 015Ashmeer Sukdeo
I contribute to a better future by optimising manufacturing and supplier lines to influence circular packaging.
FACE OF CHANGE 016David Grant
I am passionate about responding and changing social, environmental, and economic risks through sustainable development and partnerships with like-minded businesses.
FACE OF CHANGE 017Amy Kriedemann
Through my training at AB InBev, I'm developing skills to help others grow their businesses and to help drive sustainable practices within SAB and entrepreneurship.
FACE OF CHANGE 018Ayanda Mabija
I’m responsible for transforming SAB spend and diverting it to BEE and small businesses, which in return helps to grow the economy.
FACE OF CHANGE 019Andrea Quaye
I am the Vice President of Marketing for AB InBev Africa. I'm passionate about people who are involved in producing iconic beer brands across Africa, and how we can create a better tomorrow through our shared love for beer.
FACE OF CHANGE 020Asanda Gwegwe
I operate the brewhouse plant in Newlands; I'm responsible for the wort cooling. My passion lies in creating the perfect brew, through more environmentally conscious processes.
FACE OF CHANGE 021Asavela Nkebe
I'm a brewing area specialist at Alrode Brewery with a passion to educate consumers about the massive strides we are making with gender equality within the beer industry.
FACE OF CHANGE 022Beverley Joseph
My main goal is to change the living conditions of farm-workers and then for that to be used as a benchmark for the industry.
FACE OF CHANGE 023Denzil Rhodes
I'm responsible for filtration on beer and product quality at the Newlands brewery. My goal is to keep the quality high for the next generation and to continue to find better ways to brew beer sustainably.
FACE OF CHANGE 024Doreen Kosi
My position is VP of SAB and AB InBev; my passion is implementing the right culture to grow our organisation that leads the way for other global brands to follow and create a sustainable future together.
FACE OF CHANGE 025Felicia Mokoena
I am the Manager at the SAB World of Beer. I am keen to teach and show people what goes into the making of an SAB beer, and how we continuously find new ways to produce more, using less through smart agriculture and innovative technology.
FACE OF CHANGE 026Faith Dowelani
As an SAB Mentor, I provide fun and meaningful activities for the youth in my community in Limpopo to help steer them away from underage drinking and other social ills. I strive for a sustainable future in our youth.
FACE OF CHANGE 027Johan van Schalkwyk
I operate the cellars plant and processes at Newlands Brewery. My passion for beer has lead me to work for a socially and environmentally conscious company that encourages sustainability.
FACE OF CHANGE 028John Rogers
I lead our agricultural development organisation in Africa, with research and development for our primary brewing raw materials - barley, hops, sorghum and cassava.
FACE OF CHANGE 029Julriech Farmer
My passion for beer has lead me to oversee the safety and quality at the Newlands brewery ensuring we produce tasty and sustainably-conscious beer.
FACE OF CHANGE 030Lindiwe Masilela
I am a chairwoman in the Women in Maize programme, which gives me the opportunity to help create jobs for women in agriculture. I strive for a future built on equality and sustainable practices.
FACE OF CHANGE 031Matshidiso Nkwana
My passion for beer lies in educating tourists and locals on how we brew beer at SAB and how SAB & AB InBev is helping to grow our economy through job creation.
FACE OF CHANGE 032Paul Herbert
I'm a kegging operator at Newlands Brewery. I ensure that the beer retains its quality throughout its journey from the brewery to the bar and I also work towards reduction in wastage.
FACE OF CHANGE 033Phelelani Mchunu
I have a passion to help others and I believe in the SAB 18+ initiative. I'm a mentor and I hope that, in guiding young individuals like myself, they achieve more in life.
FACE OF CHANGE 034Phindi Mthambama
I’m inspired by our local barley farmers who have come a long way with regards to increasing quality and yield, while using sustainable practices. As brewers, we’re committed to also adapt as much as we can to make sure that local sourcing succeeds in future.
FACE OF CHANGE 035Promise Moshidi
As brewers, we work together with the engineering team to implement water saving initiatives through various operational and procedural optimisation initiatives. This helps to ensure that beer production happens sustainably without depleting water resources for future generations.
FACE OF CHANGE 036Ricardo Tadeu
As the African Zone President of AB InBev, I'm passionate to grow this company beyond its borders of just brewing great beer. It's bringing people together to build a future based on shared growth.
FACE OF CHANGE 037Rosco Marks
I'm a bottling plant operator at the Newlands Brewery. I'm excited to see how the future of brewing can lead the way in sustainable production.
FACE OF CHANGE 038Sbusiso Masondo
I'm passionate to be (and create) role models for the youth in my community in KZN, to avoid underage drinking and pursue their dreams.
FACE OF CHANGE 039Tim Godfrey
I strive to find new and improved ways to produce beer using less resources and more sustainable processes.
FACE OF CHANGE 040Vhutshilo Mafunzwain
Through the 18+ Be The Mentor programme I am able to give advice and guidance to kids in my community to help them avoid underage drinking and build a successful future.
FACE OF CHANGE 041Willy Buholzer
As AB InBev's Hops director I am committed to finding the best ways our farmers can grow ingredients using smart agricultural practices.
FACE OF CHANGE 042David Hauxwell
As the VP for Sustainability, it's my passion for beer that drives my determination to create opportunities for job growth and environmental improvement.
FACE OF CHANGE 043Lee Dawson
I am a passionate and driven Business and IT leader, developing and delivering strategic change within a business that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. With technology we can create a better tomorrow.
FACE OF CHANGE 044Carlos Brito
As a truly global brewer, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to help promote responsible drinking. For more than 30 years, we have invested in efforts to promote responsible drinking and discourage the harmful use of alcohol. We have deepened our commitment with a set of 2025 Global Smart Drinking Goals.
FACE OF CHANGE 045Lucia Swartz
As the VP of People for AB InBev, my passion lies with finding and investing in the right people, to empower those who can truly implement change for a better tomorrow.
FACE OF CHANGE 046Michelle Kilpin
I'm in the front lines of sales and making products appealing. By supporting the fuel of this company we can continue to grow our people and our country.
FACE OF CHANGE 047Grant Pereira
My goals are to work with great teams to achieve business growth and make a wider impact on society as a whole and contribute to the betterment of the African continent by building great businesses.
FACE OF CHANGE 048Ajay Bachulal
I'm a Plant Manager for the Polokwane Brewery with a passion for creative, strategic thinking that can carry out positive change in the supply chain.
FACE OF CHANGE 049Annabelle Degroot
With strong, positive leadership I have held our businesses in Zambia and West Africa together in a time of great uncertainty and change by maintaining effective internal communications, keeping staff upbeat and engaged with the corporate vision
FACE OF CHANGE 050Bogart Butler
As a Plant Manager in Port Elizabeth, my number one priority is putting people first - not just safety - but by helping people grow to create a successful future for themselves.
FACE OF CHANGE 051Bryan Versfeld
I work towards creating a safe and positive work environment where people can grow to be better each day and contribute towards our sustainability goals.
FACE OF CHANGE 052John Roseveare
In my current brewery, we have implemented multiple new products and renewable packaging methods over the last few years.
FACE OF CHANGE 053Marcel Regis
I love South Africa for the rich landscape of opportunities and the many ways we can shape a better future. For example, increasing female representation in beer brewing.
FACE OF CHANGE 054Pedro Cruz
I've worked all across the globe for AB InBev, and I can testify that this company is passionate about creating a better future for our environment - no matter which AB InBev office or brewery you visit.
FACE OF CHANGE 055Richmond Mutwala
I chose SAB, AB InBev because I want to work for a company that has the strength and might to implement real sustainable change.
FACE OF CHANGE 056Roberto Jarrin
My passion lies with building brands that are passionate about building sustainable futures. As the BU President for East Africa I'm proud to be working for this company.
FACE OF CHANGE 057Setebe Seabela
Positive work environments forge positive thinking and an internal strive to create better products using less resources. Cheers to sustainable brewing!
FACE OF CHANGE 058Vernon Keys
I head up the team accountable for the co-ordination of key innovation & cost saving projects across Africa specialising in packaging innovation.
FACE OF CHANGE 059Crystal Van Helsding
I share my passion for beer with fellow South Africans and visiting tourists at the SAB World of Beer. We showcase how our quality beers are brewed sustainably and where we provide quality experiences through our beer tours, tastings, and food and beer pairings.
FACE OF CHANGE 060Wendy Simunyu
I am passionate about enhancing human well-being through economic and social empowerment. Through my training at SAB/ABInBev, I’m developing skills to help unlock opportunities for people to transform their lives and realize their potential.
FACE OF CHANGE 061Reece Martin
I support sustainability by educating and promoting our responsible drinking awareness initiatives within SAB.
FACE OF CHANGE 062Werna Oberholzer
By leading employee communication, engagement and experience across African markets I elevate the strengths of our people which fuels our success.
FACE OF CHANGE 063Janet Stephenson
I work towards our goals by bringing people together to collectively change habits for a better future.
FACE OF CHANGE 064Manfred Venter
I contribute towards our 2025 goals by ensuring that 100% of our direct farmers will be skilled, connected, and financially empowered.
FACE OF CHANGE 065Khensane Nkomo
I contribute to our sustainability goals by growing the economies and the people in Africa.
FACE OF CHANGE 066Lauren Steytler
I work towards achieving our Water Stewardship goal by ensuring that our beers are made at the highest level of water efficiency.
FACE OF CHANGE 067Andrea Shea
I contribute towards our goals by increasing recycling rates that also reduce our carbon footprint.
FACE OF CHANGE 068Pamela Nkuna
I contribute towards our goals by helping consumers understand why and how alcohol should be consumed within limits.
THAN 18?
BEWARE OF SAB RECRUITMENT SCAM! Certain websites and individuals are claiming to be recruiting for SAB and in some cases soliciting money from the public for jobs.
We are in no way associated with these activities. We only recruit from our careers portal or our in-house talent acquisition and HR teams and an application would not attract any fee.