A Productive World: Supporting...

Wed Oct 14 2015

We’re committed to working together with farmers to ensure responsible land usage and farming practices. Read More »


The journey of beer

Tue Oct 6 2015

We take a look at the journey of barley, hops and maize from plant to bottle. Read More »

The SAB Story

Redefining South African...

Wed Sep 2 2015

We all know SAB as the company behind some of South Africa’s favourite brews. However, while the company... Read More »


Proudly South African...

Tue Jul 14 2015

While the hop plant has its origins in northern Europe, the SAB Hop Farms have been breeding them in... Read More »

Beer Culture

A brief history of hops...

Mon Mar 30 2015

Learn more about South Africa's hops farming industry. Hops are the female flowers of the hop plant called... Read More »

Beer Culture

Four timeless ingredients...

Thu Oct 24 2013

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