What makes a Clean World?

Mon Feb 8 2016

We are committed to A Clean World in which waste and carbon emissions will be reduced within the business... Read More »

Alcohol Issues

Tavern Talks – Success...

Fri Oct 30 2015

We interview the owner of the Success Tavern in Tembisa to discuss his approach to responsible consumption. Read More »


A Clean World: Minimising...

Tue Oct 27 2015

By reusing our waste and reducing carbon emissions, we’re working toward a cleaner world. Read More »

Corporate Social Investment

Tavern Talks – Swinkie’s...

Tue Oct 20 2015

Swinkie’s Tavern owner, Kedibone, discusses how she improves the lives of those in her community. Read More »

Alcohol Issues

Tavern Talks –...

Fri Oct 16 2015

We interview a local Tembisa tavern owner to discuss his methods for ensuring responsible drinking. Read More »

Corporate Social Investment

Tavern Talks – Mapolanka’s...

Mon Oct 12 2015

We talk to the owner of Mapolanka’s Place about how the success of his business has benefited his community. Read More »


A Sociable World

Through Prosper, SAB has set tangible sustainable development targets that benefit local communities... Read More »


A Thriving World

Tue Oct 6 2015

Read More »

Beer Culture

SAB: 2015 and beyond

Thu Oct 1 2015

As SAB sits amongst the biggest beer producers in the world, we look at 5 key areas of Prosper – a... Read More »

Beer Culture

Working Towards a Sustainable...

Thu Sep 17 2015

Since the birth of SAB 120 years ago, the company has always placed an emphasis on using its growth to... Read More »

The SAB Story

SABMiller sets out ambitious...

Wed Jul 9 2014

Commits to supporting half a million small businesses, world-class water efficiency, and cutting total... Read More »