Beer Culture

Not Sure How to Pair...

Tue Dec 8 2015

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The SAB Story

A Sporting Heritage

Thu Nov 26 2015

From football and rugby to netball, SAB is proud of its long association with South African sport. It’s... Read More »

Beer Culture

How to Be a Beer Connoisseur...

Wed Nov 25 2015

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Beer Culture

Beers From Around the...

Mon Nov 9 2015

Today we continue our exploration into the different types of beers from around the world, with a spotlight... Read More »

A Thriving World

Igniting the Entrepreneurial...

Mon Nov 2 2015

We believe in the importance of small businesses in growing the economy and have for the last 40 years... Read More »


A Clean World: Minimising...

Tue Oct 27 2015

By reusing our waste and reducing carbon emissions, we’re working toward a cleaner world. Read More »


A Resilient World: Alien...

Thu Oct 22 2015

Find out how SAB is proactively investing in saving our water futures through the clearing of alien plant... Read More »


A Productive World: Supporting...

Wed Oct 14 2015

We’re committed to working together with farmers to ensure responsible land usage and farming practices. Read More »


A Sociable World

Mon Oct 12 2015

Through Prosper, SAB has set tangible sustainable development targets that benefit local communities... Read More »


A Thriving World

Tue Oct 6 2015

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The journey of beer

We take a look at the journey of barley, hops and maize from plant to bottle. Read More »

Beer Culture

SAB: 2015 and beyond

Thu Oct 1 2015

As SAB sits amongst the biggest beer producers in the world, we look at 5 key areas of Prosper – a... Read More »