125 Year celebration

SAB 125

Finding good cause for celebration.

125 years has passed since the inception of South African Breweries, and in that time, we’ve gone through a lot of change. From the first batch of home-brewed beer, to a state-of-the-art facility overflowing with love for our craft and our country, we’ve learned what it means to grow, and what it means to be part of something great – both as a business, and as a family.

Over the years, South African Breweries has become truly entrenched in the landscape of the country we’re proud to call our home. As South Africa goes through changes, we have changed too – finding new, better ways to source ingredients, produce world-class beer, and give back to the people and places we work with.

Proudly local

Our home comes first. To date, we source almost 100% of our raw materials locally. That includes the local farms which grow the ingredients used to brew our quality beers, and the factories that produce the bottles they come in – who, in turn, source their own resources locally. It’s a closed loop, with South Africa situated perfectly in the centre.

Proudly giving back

We give more than we take. We wouldn’t have achieved the success and size we’re proud of without the support of millions of people across the country. We’ve committed ourselves to helping those who helped us. We’ve created numerous funds and programmes aimed at uplifting the communities who enjoy our beers, renovating and improving the taverns that stock our products, and creating platforms for young people to learn, grow, and upskill themselves to become leaders and innovators of tomorrow.


Proudly South African

From the first idea of a brewery in 1895, to our current, state of the art production line, SAB has grown exponentially. What was once the passion project of a man from England, has now become a fixed point on the South African landscape, working in balance with the land and her people, to create something magnificent.

It’s a celebration of inspiration, culture, heritage, and pride. Raise your glass with us, and let’s toast to 125 years – of SAB, of excellence, of philanthropy, of heritage, and growth.