Castle Milk Stout

Castle Milk Stout is Africa’s premier stout. It is made using a dark roasted malt to extract a full-flavoured brew, and complemented by a creamy, smooth head that comes from a special yeast. With strong hints of toffee, butterscotch and coffee, its natural bitterness is balanced by a rich taste. Needless to say, This milk stout Is not like any other beer. Its dark, rich flavours and quality roasted malt, makes it a beer to be savoured. This careful craftsmanship produces a smooth, easy drinking experience, every time. So pour, pause, sip and enjoy a Castle Milk Stout.

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Brand Type: 

Water, Malted barley (GLUTEN), Maize extract, Hops, Caramel, Lactose

Nutritional info: 
  • 6%
    Alcohol by
    volume %.
  • 260
    kJ/ 100 ml
  • 62
    kcal/100 ml
  • 0
    /100 ml
  • 0
    Saturated fat
    g/ 100 ml
  • 2
    g/ 100 ml
  • 0.3
    g/ 100 ml
  • 0.2
    g/ 100 m
Extra description: 
Because brewing is a natural process, values are approximate and may vary slightly
Serving size: