Flying Fish Pressed Lemon

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Flying Fish is a premium Flavoured Alcoholic Beverage, at first sip you get the fresh flavour of either Pressed Lemon or Chilled Green Apple and just before you swallow it bursts with crisp refreshment. The combination is absolutely phenomenal; it’s exactly what the Flying Fish drinker has been waiting for. It’s the aroma that is so catching- when you bring the glass to your face for the first sip, you get the refreshing and crisp smell of fresh lemons and green apples; and that is your first impressions. When you take the first sip, it’s that aroma that you end up tasting, and that is so sweet and refreshing. Totally unexpected really!

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Brand Type: 

Water, Barley Malt (GLUTEN), Maize Extract, Sucrose Lemon Juice (2%), Flavourings, Acids, Rosemary Extract, Hops

Nutritional info: 
  • 4.5%
    Alcohol by
    volume %.
  • 268
    kJ/ 100 ml
  • 64
    kcal/100 ml
  • 8
    g/ 100 ml
  • 5.6
    g/ 100 ml
  • 0.2
    g/ 100 m
Extra description: 
Because brewing is a natural process, values are approximate and may vary slightly
Serving size: