South African Breweries commemorates Transport Month

South African Breweries commemorates Transport Month

To commemorate Transport Month, the South African Breweries (SAB) has collaborated with the Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMCS’s) to reduce road fatalities on the road.

SAB’s target is to reduce alcohol related road incidents and fatalities by 10% through key strategic partnerships with the Department of Transport, Road Traffic Management Corporation, Metro Police and United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Furthermore, the business along with local policing authorities have throughout the years launched several Alcohol Evidence Centres (AECs) across the country to help curb incidences of drunk driving. Law enforcement officials are able to effectively detect alcohol levels at the facilities which can lead to prosecution.

SAB’s AECs have been central to the implementation of the proposed Blood Alcohol Concentration 0% Bill and sets to reinforce the sentiment that individuals should not even have a single drink if they intend getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. AECs ensure that law enforcement is able to not only test suspected drunk drivers and confirm their breath or blood alcohol limit using Evidentiary Breathalyser Alcohol Testing (EBAT) and blood tests using registered medical practitioners, but also ensure that the evidence collected during these processes are admissible in court.

SAB will be having a number of regional activities to commemorate During Transport Month:

  • SAB will partner with the Free State Department Transport for a road activation in Ficksburg where we will focus on ensuring that roads are safe for all drivers between popular routes in the area.
  • In the Western Cape, we will partner with the provincial Department of Transport where long distance truck drivers using the N1 route Johannesburg and Cape Town will also receive care pack in Rietfontein area.

SAB calls on all South Africans to rise up as active citizens to make our roads safer, not only this transport month, but as a disciplined commitment to have #NoneForTheRoad