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Alcohol-related vehicle accidents can only be reduced through effective road safety strategies. That is why SAB will be championing responsibility by empowering our authorities to enforce regulations with world class infrastructure and technology to process drunk arrests. Currently, we have 10 SAB sponsored Alcohol Evidence Centres (AEC) in operation and In partnership with UNITAR, we’ve launched the Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit.

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Drinking and driving is one of the deadliest killers on South Africa’s roads and will only be eradicated by solutions like SAB’s Alcohol Evidence Centres, writes Heidi Bartis, SAB’s Director of...
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South African Breweries commemorates Transport Month To commemorate Transport Month, the South African Breweries (SAB) has collaborated with the Department of Transport and the Road Traffic...


Our goal is to accelerate the Global Smart Drinking goals and reduce the harm caused by
drinking and driving.