Big on sustainability: SAB Big Brewing

30 Jul 15

We use our scale and expertise to contribute to our communities

Sustainability for us means ensuring the health of the communities within which we operate. We have made it our mission to support the growth and development of these communities and our shared economy, while conserving our scarce natural resources.

Our holistic approach to sustainable development hones in on the issues which impact our communities and our business. We’ve set out five key imperatives as part of this mission, called SAB Prosper, and have defined ambitious goals for each.

By leveraging our scale, networks and expertise, we can have positive and lasting impacts on our country. We’ve already made an impact in several areas, and strive to do even more.

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1. A Sociable World

We aim to nurture a culture of responsible consumption, in which beer is the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker. We do this through campaigns, supporting responsible retail practices, road safety and initiatives against underage drinking.

2. Resilient World

Securing shared water resources for the future of our business and local communities means we work, collaborate and partner with others to achieve this on a large scale. We’re essentially making more beer using less water.

3. A Clean World

We’re working to minimise waste and carbon emissions across our entire value chain, from our farmers to distributors. From developing new systems to save water during barley irrigation, to finding new ways to create value from waste; we’re consistently striving to improve our sustainability.

4. A Thriving World

Through supporting small scale enterprises through SAB KickStart, the Social Innovation Awards, our Customer Business Development Programme (CBD), the Owner Driver Scheme and agricultural programmes like Go-Farming, we’re supporting more and more entrepreneurs, who in turn create more jobs.

5. A Productive World

We place immense importance on the role of farmers where sustainability is concerned. It’s about sustainable use of land, secure supply chains, and increasing the profitability, production and social development of small scale emerging farmers.

A Sociable World

Over 600 000 learners around South Africa have interacted with the You Decide campaign in 3 years.

A Resilient World

The Precision Irrigation of Barley project has helped to save millions of litres of water in its first year of operation.

A Clean World

By reviewing and refining our processes we’ve saved over 16 million kg of carbon emissions in a year for our South African operations alone.

A Thriving World

Over 20 years, SAB KickStart has supported the growth of thousands of entrepreneurs and youth-owned businesses.

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The SAB Social Innovation Awards have, to date, invested in 49 social innovators through skills development, grant funding and mentorship worth over R13 million.

The Better Barley Better Beer programme, developed in partnership with WWF SA promotes sustainability in our local supply chain.

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