Dan Fuller Jewellery Raising Awareness For Rhinos

18 Sep 13

If you’re up to date with your fashion know-how, you may have already heard about Dan Fuller Fashion Jewellery. Dan Fuller is a contemporary jewellery designer who makes use of metals and natural materials to create funky pieces of jewellery with a very stylish edge. He uses industrial manufacturing methods to make anything from money clips to cuff links, pendants to chunky rings for both men and women.

His designs have found their way into the hands of many Capetonian recipients due to the spread of his name at markets like the Old Biscuit Mill and a shop in Newlands called Fab Things. But now he’s set to make another impression on the South African community by way of creating rhino cufflinks to raise awareness about the plight of these beautiful creatures.


Turning Accessories Into Awareness


Dan Fuller’s jewellery collection already includes a number of African inspired pieces, specifically cuff links and pendants in the shape of our distinctive continent. The popularity of these pieces lies in their unique appeal and the unconventional material they’re made of; high-grade stainless steel. The metal allows each piece to remain tarnish-free and is also allergy free. Dan also polishes each piece to perfection, leaving it with a smooth brushed finish.

His latest additions – the rhino cuff links – will be created as a part of the Rhino in Safe Hands campaign that is being run in conjunction with SAB Boucher Conservation. With these new pieces, he hopes to raise as much awareness as possible, but also intends to raise much-needed funds for the campaign. He hopes to donate up to 35% of his earnings from these cuff links, making the donations between R120 and R150 per set.

In his words: “I would like to be able to donate up to 35% of the retail price to the fund. We would have to look at distribution channels, obviously getting directly to the final consumer would be best with less middlemen. My range of cuff links retail for between R400 and R450. They are all locally made in South Africa (Cape Town) and there are quite a few processes involved. I think being locally made is essential for this project!”


Show Your Support!

We’re 100% behind this initiative and encourage others to get involved by following Dan Fuller on Facebook or checking his site for updates and spreading the news about these rhino cuff links. They make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one and each set comes with the added and appreciated support for our beautiful rhino friends.