Food and Beer Pairing for Beginners

17 Aug 15

We all have our favourite beer, but pairing the right beer with the right meal can transform your next dinner into an unforgettable gastronomic treat. While wine accompanies food, beer compliments it, enhancing subtleties and adding layers of flavour. Here are some tips on which dishes and beers are best paired together.

Castle Lager

Castle Lager is the perfect balance of bitter and dry, making it the thirst-quenching, flavour some favourite of many South Africans. There’s nothing quite like cracking open a Castle while standing around a braai. The smoothness of the beer pairs well with the salt in braaied meat, while the hops bring out the delicious flavour of the pepper. Another meal that goes brilliantly with a Castle is a mild, meaty curry. The beer acts like a blanket against the spiciness of the curry and enhances the overall taste. The next time you are about to settle down to meaty meal, make sure it all comes together with a Castle. 


Hansa Pilsner

With its refreshing, crisp flavour, Hansa Pilsner is best paired with seafood and light meals. Try this beer with a green salad in a creamy dressing, steamed broccoli, or fried camembert in phyllo pastry.


Castle Lite

Like a Pilsner, Castle Lite’s fresh, crisp flavour is best paired with fresh salads and seafood. Along with its green aromas, the course mouthfeel of this beer makes it the perfect pairing for a lighter meal.


Carling Black Label

Carling Black Label is a beer known for its big flavour and even bigger international reputation. This full-bodied beer is best paired with strong-flavoured foods. Because of its low bitterness, Black Label goes spectacularly with a spicy curry. The perceptible sweetness and fruity aromas compliment the sweet characteristics in certain foods. Some examples are:

  • Pork and apple sauce
  • Pork belly with sweet/honey/fruit glaze
  • Caramelised onions
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Sweet and sour chicken

Castle Milk Stout

Castle Milk Stout is brewed using the finest, slow-roasted barley. The blend of hops adds just a touch of bitterness, while the yeast produces the beer’s signature thick, creamy head. The result? A seductive, rich and smooth dark beer that can stand up to some of the heartiest, most flavoursome meals. Here are a few delectable dishes to pair with your next Milk Stout:

  • Rich stews
  • Oxtail
  • Fresh oysters
  • Roasts with intensely flavoured sauces
  • Any chocolate or toffee puddings