Get Hip With The Hop

30 Aug 12

Get Hip With The HopHops are a vital ingredient of any great beer. We take a look at some interesting and probably unknown facts about the mighty hops.

    • The Latin name for Hops is Humulus Lupulus.
    • Lupulus is derived from the Latin word lupus which means ‘wolf’ It describes the wolf-like nature that grips to anything as it grows
    • There are roughly 80 varieties of hops used commercially around the world
    • "Noble hops" refers to four varieties of hops which are low in bitterness and high in aroma “Noble hops” are known as the central European cultivars and consist of Hallertau, Tettnanger, Spalt, and Saaz
    • The hops is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and can grow up to 150 mm per day
    • Hops is used predominantly to flavour and stabilise beer
    • Its bitterness also balances out the sweetness of the malt
    • The female hops flower clusters commonly called seed cones or strobiles are used for beer
    • The male flowers are used for breeding purposes
    • Other than a vital ingredient for beer, hops is also known to help sleeplessness and indigestion
    • The hops flowers have natural antibacterial properties which thankfully helps prevent beer going off
    • The stalks and fibres of the hops plant are often used in manufacture of fabric and paper
    • Hops are toxic to dogs


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