Hop harvest 2014 success

02 Apr 14

SAB Hop Harvest in GeorgeThe SAB Hop Farms have completed this year’s hop harvest.

The harvest was completed on Friday, 28 March 2014 and delivered 820 tons.

This year’s harvest delivers alpha acid levels above average with the overall alpha at 15.2% vs the long term average of 14.5%.

Alpha acid is the primary ingredient in hops that brewers need to give beer its wonderful bitter taste. The average alpha for the year is a key factor of quality and efficiency.

Laurie Conway, general manager of SAB Hop Farms,  mentioned that special tribute must be paid to all the hop growers, permanent and seasonal employees who worked long hours in a harsh environment to produce the wonderful “local is lekka” hops that provide approximately 75% self-sufficiency to SAB. In addition to meeting SAB’s own hop requirements, the SAB Hop Farms team in George also provide good flavour / aroma alternatives to their South African micro and craft brewing customers.

Pelleting of the crop started yesterday and a team will work towards completing the pelleting process by 17 April.