Inaugural SAB Foundation Innovation Awards

18 Feb 11

The inaugural SAB Foundation Innovation Awards were introduced in 2011. With a total purse of R1.5 million the awards aims to promote innovation delivering sustainable solutions to the daily challenges facing persons in low-income areas.

The main award is a grant of R 1 million with two runners-up awards of R 500 000 each. The grant includes funding for the upscaling and commercialisation of the innovative solution, a process which will be supported by the SAB Foundation over a period of two years.

The Awards focus on innovative solutions which have progressed past the idea stage and have reached a proof of concept stage. It was designed to assist applicants along the path towards commercialisation, scaling up and replicating the solution with the aim of reaching and benefitting a significant number of the SAB Foundation’s target beneficiary groups.

The winner of the inaugural SAB Foundation Innovation Awards 2011 and R1million is Reel Gardening for the Garden in a Box initiative. Reel Gardening is owned by 25-year-old Claire Reid, who created a handmade vegetable planting strip made from biodegradable paper. Each vegetable strip is water soluble, contains fertiliser and non-modified seeds and includes a set of seed growing factors to maximise the germination rate.
Two runners-up, ShonaQuip and The Invoice Exchange received R500 000 each.
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