Learning to Brew – Back to School

30 Oct 12

Learning to Brew – Back to SchoolThroughout the history of beer making wannabe brewers have made spectacular blunders, from blowing up family homes to poisoning their entire family and friends. If you want to learn how to brew properly why not enroll at a brewing school?

Learning to Brew – Back to School

Cape Town based BeerLab runs a school for budding brewers. BeerSchool runs Beginner, Partial Mash and All-Grain brewing classes. All their classes are hands-on, with students making their very own batches of beer that they take home at the end of the session. They are passionate about making amazing beer and would love to share their knowledge and passion with you.

Available Classes


Classes aimed at those who have never made beer before. Start out with an hour of theory and beer-tasting and then move into the lab where you'll make your own batch of beer with a Coopers extract kit. We also show you how to bottle the beer you make at home. Each team takes their batch of beer home with them. The class duration is roughly 4 hours

Partial Mash

Designed specifically for homebrewers who want to venture beyond kit-brewing and start experimenting with speciality grains and hops. The course starts out with some theory and then moves into the lab to begin brewing. Each team of students make their own batch of beer which they take home. In addition you will be taught bottling with a priming solution.

Team Building / Parties

This class is a variation on the Partial Mash class with less focus on theory and more focus on fun. The people at Beerlab can also tailor the class to your specific needs. Catering can be provided.

All Grain

The grand-daddy of home-brew, All Grain brewing is an art and science. This 5 hour class is designed for students who have already made their own beer and want to move into all-grain brewing. It is recommended that you have completed the earlier courses to get the full benefit of this course.


The DIY option is aimed at experienced homebrewers who simply need the equipment and space to brew their own beer. Brewing experts are on hand to help with any problems but essentially you're flying solo. Students can either bring their own ingredients or order them beforehand on our website. The duration of this session is 5 hours.

For more information on prices and course dates please contact the nice people at Beerlab via their website www.beerlab.co.za or call them on 071 885 8855