Profile Brewer: Kate Jones

06 Mar 13


Kate Jones became the Trade Brewer at SAB’s Chamdor Brewery in Krugersdorp. Hailing from Burton-on-Trent in the United Kingdom, she worked temporarily as a microbiologist at Bass Brewing Burton. Years later, she’s in the same field, but we’re fortunate to have her on board at SAB.

Kate is a beer fanatic, but also makes time for golf – her other passion. However, it’s SAB and the beer making process that sit closest to her heart. She was managing 35 micro-breweries in Kent when she received our offer to work at SAB. Finding it too enticing to turn down, we were soon welcoming this experienced and passionate member to our team of beer brewing enthusiasts.

While many think that beer brewing is a job mainly carried out by men, she is a testament to the fact that this single-minded way of thinking holds no water. SAB employs 30% female brewers, making it one of the most equal industries in the country.


Want To Get Involved In Beer Brewing?

Kate’s advice to anyone wanting to get involved in beer brewing as a career;  be comfortable as a multi-disciplined individual and make sure you are skilled in science related trades. People with good inter-personal skills are always a winner, provided they also have a background in either:

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Engineering