SAB people making a difference

30 Apr 15

Today we celebrate the people of SAB, whose passion for making a difference in South Africa is driving change in our communities.

A recent outreach initiative saw more than 50 employees from SAB’s Sandton office spending Human Rights Day at Precious Place of Hope in Midvaal.  A consultation process with the home meant that the supplies, repairs and new stimulation centre met their needs. This was part of an ongoing initiative, called SAB Soul, to contribute meaningfully to the communities in which we operate.

Precious Place of Hope in Midvaal, Gauteng, is one such place assisted through the SAB Soul initiative. The centre, which provides a home for around 16 orphans, abandoned children and those suffering from mental and physical disabilities, was in need of repairs as well as essential items.

Thoughtful planning and consultation

Ntombi Kholwa, SAB’s National CSI Specialist, reported that despite the SAB employees spending one day in implementing this initiative, the consultation with the centre and the planning for the changes took around four weeks. The well-considered upgrades and additions have been worth it though, and the centre is now seeing the benefits.

SAB employees spent a day assisting at the centre with their time, elbow grease and sponsoring repair work to the buildings. At the end of the day Precious Place of Hope could enjoy:

  • Repaired plumbing, electrics and cupboards
  • A new stimulation centre for the children
  • A play area with a new jungle gym and a sandpit
  • A fresh coat of paint to the interior
  • Supplies and groceries

“Its not about the money. It’s about the impact that we’ve made in the centre, ” says Kholwa.

Our team rolled up their sleeves and got involved. All the painting in the house was done by the SAB employees.

SAB employees volunteer to help through the SAB Soul program

They also helped set up a play area with a new jungle gym and a sandpit.

New cupboards were provided to the Precious Place Of Hope   SAB volunteers fixed kitchen cupboard doors

Children with physical and mental conditions need stimulation. We had the privilege of setting up a stimulation centre, including equipment, to address this need.

We also assisted with plumbing and electrical works, but drafted the services of interior professionals to repair things like electrics and plumbing correctly. Many small items like kitchen cupboards and TV wiring were fixed, as these could be a danger to the children. New cupboards, tiling, specialised supplies and groceries were provided for the centre as well.

While this happened our team spent some spent with the kids away from the centre.

SAB’s Soul Programme

Each year, as part of Soul, SAB employees volunteer time in community projects across the country with the aim of making a tangible difference in the lives of marginalised individuals. The projects are run in collaboration and in consultation with our communities and its leadership.

Ward Councillor Sebenzile Hlengwa commented on the occasion: “What SAB has done here is great! Indeed, together we can do more.”

Today we say “Cheers!” to all our employees around South Africa, whose passion for making a difference is driving change in their communities.

Happy Worker’s Day!

SAB Volunteers at the Precious Place Of Hope in Midvaal