SAB takes a hands-on approach to assisting with sanitiser production in SA

31 Mar 20

Johannesburg, 26 March 2020: With the South African government putting in every effort to protect the nation against COVID-19, now more than ever it’s time for the private sector to step up and help flatten the curve in the fight against this pandemic.

The demand for alcohol-based sanitiser has continued to sky-rocket in the face of this pandemic. The South African Breweries (SAB) has adapted its operations to address the shortage of hand sanitiser. The sanitisers SAB have been able to produce contain 80% alcohol, which is exactly what the healthcare sector is in dire need of.

As of today, SAB has delivered 10 000 bottles of hand sanitiser to Riverpark clinic in Alexandra, Johannesburg, and expects to be deliver to other hospitals in need over the next few weeks.

According to Zoleka Lisa, VP of Corporate Affairs at SAB, "We have for the last 125 years formed a part of the fabric of South Africa, and have through the nation’s triumphs and challenges stood behind it. In this time of uncertainty, what we know for sure is that we need to show our commitment to South Africa in any way we can."

"This decision was an easy one for us. It is intricately linked to our business and purpose at SAB. Not only are we fanatical about South Africa, we have access to alcohol and an extensive fleet and route network. This enables us to deliver the finished product to the most remote parts of South Africa. ," Lisa continued.

With partners across the country spanning all walks-of-life, SAB wants to ensure that the President’s call for additional focus on hygiene is heeded by all. "We want to use what we have to join government in the nationwide effort to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all South Africans and we encourage all people and companies to do the same," she concluded.