The SAB World of Learning: 21 years and going strong

21 Oct 13

The world class training institute has come a long way in its 21 years. From its modest beginnings it has evolved to realise its vision as a place where employees can come and learn their trade in an environment of excellence.


“We’ve been brewing for 118 years but our success has less to do with our machines, sales and advertising and everything to do with people.”

Tienie Ehlers, Human Resources Development Manager at SAB


Now in its 21st year, the SAB Training Institute (TI) has changed its name to Cyril Ramaphosa World of Learning (WoL) to better reflect the institute’s evolution to a world class facility, with innumerable industry and global accolades under its belt.

A natural evolution to a diverse offering

The current WoL is a far cry from its early days as an Apprentice Training venue in Hulley Street, Johannesburg and now better suits the needs of the company. The venue, a leafy property on the banks of the Jukskei in Kyalami, Johannesburg, is not only a four-star conference venue, but also boasts an on-site three-star hotel which can sleep over 150 people.  On average close to 7000 delegates either attend courses or meetings at the facility every year.

It has grown from serving a small group of apprentices to an all-round capability building facility, training the spectrum of employees from apprentices to managers and everyone in between. Training has also expanded accordingly to make it a global training hub, with SABMiller employees from around the world coming to learn here.

Karin Möller, current WoL Manager, “ Those who train here not only learn the manufacturing side of the business, they also learn the soft business skills like finance, human resources, leadership development and sales skills, amongst others.

Looking ahead to beyond the facility

SAB is also focusing on developing the facilities make its courses more accessible to South Africans.

“We will always be about developing the good people we have in our business, but we also have a responsibility to the communities that surround us, and other companies who can use the capabilities we have, to give them that access, ” adds Ehlers.

A User’s view

Interested in growing your skills in a career at SAB? Apply on our website: Kevin Hardman, a Plant Manager from Australia, remembers his  time at WoL fondly, “I’ve no doubt that this all underpinned my career and gave me the knowledge and skills I’ve fallen back on countless times. To all those that are going through WoL, what you put in, you will reap tenfold, so make the most of this amazing facility, and the opportunity you are being afforded. People armed with the right skills in the right jobs are the cornerstone of our organisation’s competitive advantage!”

Interested in growing your skills in a career at SAB? Apply on our website:

21 Years SAB World of Learning